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Email Landing Pages are Good, Video Email Landing Pages are Better

BtoB Magazine published two wonderful segments today focusing on landing pages for email marketing.Landing pages have been around since the dawn of email marketing. Some digital marketers yawn when they think of landing pages, but I really don’t understand that attitude.  Landing pages were a “best
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Video Email Raised $400,000 for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

Last month, during our Flimpbruary series, we alluded to a new case study we were working on about the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.  We published the case study on the United Way Women’s Initiative event marketing/fundraising flimp today.The goal for the 14th
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Social Video Marketing Strategy in Four Easy Steps

A lot of marketers are making a very common mistake in regards to producing video content for social media. They are creating content without thinking about who will be consuming it. Then they’re blasting that unfocused content out to all of their social media followers under
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What Pez Taught Me About Video Marketing

I’m what you might call a second-generation marketer. My father started his professional marketing career with Data Terminal Systems back in 1974 — a full decade before I was even born. As such he has certain sensibilities about the theory and profession of marketing. You might
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Flimpbruary Day 27: Corporate Video Communications

Did you know that a flimp campaign created for a global employee training initiative generated an average viewing time of 4.1 minutes for a video that was only 2 minutes, 43 seconds in length?
Okay, tell the truth. How many of you clicked a link to this blog article just because the title contained the words “Inbound Marketing”? I thought so.Inbound marketing, a concept that is the brainchild of HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, is the process by
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Flimpbruary Day 25: Form Builder

In “Create and Edit” flimp-makers have the option of adding a customizable response form to any flimp canvas.  The “Form Builder” tool is a great (and easy) way to create custom registration forms without relying on additional programming resources.  The Form Builder enables any flimp-maker to
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Flimpbruary Day 24: Google Analytics and Flimp

In case you missed our super-cool video news release (which, by the way, was SEO optimized even though it was a Flash object embedded in an HTML Web page), Flimp has hooked into Google Analytics. So what does that mean for you? A couple of things:First,
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Flimpbruary Day 23: Why FLVs Always Trump SWFs

Since the FLIMP Platform is built on Adobe’s Flash® Platform, FLV (Flash Video) and SWF (Shockwave Flash) files can both be added to any flimp canvas.  FLVs and SWFs (also known as Flash animation) both provide the audiovisual experience that is a key component of web
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Flimpbruary Day 22: Flimp Canvas Size and Background Images

We are in the home stretch of our first Flimpbruary month.  To recap, Flimpbruary has focused on the following Week #1 – Best Practices Week #2 – The difference between Flimp and other video toolsWeek #3 – Use a flimp for different marketing initiativesThis week we
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