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Flimpbruary Day 21: Web Video Marketing for Fundraising and Event Marketing

Did you know that a flimp created for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley’s Boston Women’s Leadership Fundraising Breakfast in October 2009: Contributed to one of the most successful events in the history of this not-for-profit organization Saved $9,000.00 in print and mailing
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Flimpbruary Day 20: Web Video Marketing for Real Estate

Did you know that a flimp (similar to this one) help to sell a $2.5 million real estate property last year? Look for a Flimp case study about this transaction coming in March 2010.
Like most marketing materials, creating audiovisual content requires some commitment.  I think many marketers actually view video as something that can be used in one way.  But like many content forms, there is a lot you can do with video.Here at Flimp, we are strong proponents
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Flimpbruary Day 18: Use a flimp for public relations outreach

Last month, we wrote the “Don’t Pitch It: Vitch It” post about using a flimp video landing page (VLP) for media relations.  Today, we’re expanding a bit to focus on how flimps can be used as part of a public relations campaign. First and foremost, a flimp can play
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Flimpbruary Day 17: Use a flimp for Social Networking

Social Networking.  Social Media.  It’s all the rage among marketers.  In fact, dare I say, it may be the one marketing functionality that is hotter than online video.Years ago, Social Networking used to be known as Word of Mouth (WOM).  Brands and organizations have always known
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Flimpbruary Day 16: Use a flimp for SEO purposes

Optimizing digital content that can be crawled by search engines is a critical web marketing strategy.  The whole purpose of creating a website is enabling people to locate your business or organization.  Until recently, online video was never included in the lexicon of search engine optimization
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Flimpbruary Day 15: Use a flimp in email

For Week Three of Flimpbruary, we are focusing on different ways you can use a flimp. . . Monday – Use a flimp in email Tuesday – Use a flimp for SEO purposes Wednesday – Use a flimp for social networking Thursday – Use a flimp
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Flimpbruary Day 14: Click Through Engagement

Did you know that the average click through on flimp video landing page calls to action is 24 percent.
Did you know that the average video on a flimp video landing page is watched to completion (WTC) by 32 percent of the viewers?
Rounding out the second week of Flimpbruary, today we compare Flimp to Animated GIFs.Animated GIFs display one graphic frame after another frame, in a quick succession, giving the appearance of movement.  A popular way to distribute animated GIFs is via email marketing campaigns.  Animated GIFs essentially
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