Video Postcard Campaigns for Corporate Marketing and Communications

Tracked video postcard campaigns can be created quickly and inexpensively using the Flimp cloud-based communications platform. Video postcards are a cost-effective and engaging way to communicate with target audiences by email, text message, social media or embedding into web pages. They track and measure detailed viewer activity and work on all video-compatible devices, including smartphones and tablets. For pricing and to learn more, call 1.888.612.3881.

1. WE CREATE AND CUSTOMIZE your branded video postcard with the following features:

  • Engaging corporate videos
  • Your company's branding
  • Personalized audience message
  • High-quality images and graphics
  • Links to actionable information
  • Contact information or web forms

2. WE HELP DISTRIBUTE & SHARE your video postcard with target audiences:

  • Integrates with any email service internal or external
  • Embed into your intranets, websites or social media
  • Edit your postcard for different target audiences

3. WE TRACK & REPORT your digital postcard campaign:

  • Views - How many times the postcard was viewed
  • TOF - Average viewer time spent on postcard
  • TOV - Average time spent watching the video
  • Response Rate - Responses as a percent of total views
  • Response Detail - Which response links were clicked, # of times
  • Form Data - Web form response data filled out by viewer
  • Viral Sharing - Details of viewer email forwarding activity
  • Mobile Data - Number of views from mobile devices

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