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Flimpbruary Day 11: The Difference Between Flimp and Goodmail

This is total kismet. When we designated February 11th as the day to compare the difference between the a flimp web video email and the Goodmail CertifiedVideo product, we had no idea that two separate articles about email video best practices would be published.BtoB Magazine published
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Flimpbruary Day 10: The Difference Between Flimp and Brightcove

here are many similarities between Flimp and Brightcove.  Both Platforms are for online video.  Each system is hosted through a cloud environment.  However, while Brightcove is focused on the video player and the hosting of the video, Flimp is geared more for direct marketing/direct communications situations. 
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Flimpbruary Day 9: The Difference Between Flimp and Brainshark

Video to marketers, especially in the B2B category, can mean a lot of different things.  There is the “plain old” audiovisual content, slideshows, and onscreen web tour movies, just to name a few.Brainshark is one product many B2B marketers use for both lead-gen campaigns and general corporation
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Flimpbruary Day 8: The Difference Between Flimp and YouTube

To kickoff our first celebration of Flimpbruary, last week we focused on Flimp Best Practices.This week we are going to define the difference between the FLIMP Platform and. . . Monday – YouTube Tuesday – Brainshark Wednesday – Brightcove Thursday – GoodMail Friday – Animated GIFs
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Flimpbruary Day 7: Online Video Viewing Time

Did you know that the average video on a flimp video landing page is viewed for 78 seconds?
I believe that Testing/QA is perhaps the most important part of creating a web video marketing campaign.  Testing, when done correctly, places the marketer in the audience’s seat.  While it is important to QA each element of a web video marketing campaign on its own merits,
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Flimpbruary Day 4: Saving

Today we’re going to touch on a simple but extremely important best practice:  saving your video landing page (VLP).As you create your video landing page, we do recommend that you make incremental saves each time you add in a new piece of content (such as an
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Flimpbruary Day 3: Viewability

People try to overcomplicate web video marketing.  Perhaps it is because many marketers are better wordsmiths than visual thinkers? Maybe it is because digital component to web video marketing seems daunting?  The good news is that web video marketing can be as simple as any other
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Flimpbruary Day 2: Digital Asset Best Practices

Making a flimp video landing page (VLPs) is extremely simple.  The FLIMP Platform was designed for individuals who may not be interactive developers or even interactive designers.  The drag & drop WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) lets flimp makers design custom VLPs withing their
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Flimpbruary: Video Landing Pages are a Best Practice

Here at Flimp, February is known as Flimpbruary.  In celebration of the shortest month on the calendar, we are going to publish a Flimpruary article every day this month.  This week’s theme is Flimp Best Practices: Monday – Video Landing Page 101 Tuesday – Digital Asset
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