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The Click-Through Red Herring

Every month I get emails from places like Barnes & Noble and Borders telling me about all the great deals they have going on. These emails are loaded with deals: 20% off this, three-for-one that, NY Times Best Seller the other. The idea behind this kind
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Easy Math: Rich Media = More Money

Your marketing needs to generate revenue. That’s not a judgment; I’m not saying that your marketing efforts don’t generate revenue. I’m just saying that that’s the way of things. Marketing needs to generate leads, who need to become customers. If a company’s marketing efforts don’t do
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Actionable Analytics

One of the biggest hurdles to initiating a rich media marketing campaign with video is overcoming the idea that it is difficult to determine the return generated by a video. The problem, many say, is that there is no standard of measurement for determining the amount
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Email Video Landing Pages

Flimp Media recently announced a partnership with BlueSky Factory promoting a simple way to create, send and measure the effectiveness of video landing pages for video email campaigns. The basics of the partnership promote Flimp on demand with access to Publicaster email service provider through a
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