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Flimp Media recently announced a partnership with BlueSky Factory promoting a simple way to create, send and measure the effectiveness of video landing pages for video email campaigns. The basics of the partnership promote Flimp on demand with access to Publicaster email service provider through a single-sign-on account. The partnership exposes both on-line applications’ intuitive UIs, obvious step-by-step instructions and a suite of drag and drop tools to create, send and analyze viewer engagements for video email campaigns.

With an email list in Publicaster (easy to upload) you choose “Distribute using Publicaster” from your Flimp account to send the video landing page to an email address list using Publicaster.

Video landing pages and email campaigns are launched in inestimable numbers every day. The two company’s offer access to each other’s service for the benefit of those campaign managers.

See the full press release here.

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