Actionable Analytics

One of the biggest hurdles to initiating a rich media marketing campaign with video is overcoming the idea that it is difficult to determine the return generated by a video. The problem, many say, is that there is no standard of measurement for determining the amount of traffic a piece of online content sees in a given period. Every analytics program on the market seems to define a “view” differently, and often those views are only trackable by IP address.

Flimp Media has come up with a solution to this problem. Because Flimps are distributed through your existing email provider, we are able to track traffic to your videosite by individual viewer email address. Flimp’s analytics program allows you to see who visited your site, when they visited, how long they watched your video, how long they spent on your videosite, what links they clicked, and to whom they forwarded the email. Because these data are so highly specific, Flimp makes nurturing leads, effecting sales, and calculating ROI incredibly easy.

For more information on the many ways in which Flimp Media can help solve your Web video marketing needs, please visit our website at, or drop us a line at info AT flimp DOT net.

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