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Need a Video? Want an Idea of What It Will Cost? Try Our Video Cost Calculator

Everyone knows video is a terrific medium to showcase your products, explain complicated topics, engage audiences, draw traffic to your website, educate employees—the list is endless. In fact, according to our recent survey of marketing and business professionals, the majority of B2B organizations (96%) are already
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Spice Up Your Corporate Holiday Greeting with a Video Email Postcard

Every year, marketers send out the same, boring holiday greetings. Why not shake things up this year and try something different, like VIDEO? Make an impression on your audience with a fun holiday video postcard. It’s not as expensive as you may think. By now—unless you’ve
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Fourth-Annual B2B Video Content Marketing Survey Results

The Web Video Marketing Council, in partnership with ReelSEO and Flimp Media, has released its fourth-annual Online Video Marketing Survey Trends Results. The 2015 survey consisted of 25 questions about online video production and video marketing practices; more than 350 B2B marketing, agency and executive professionals participated. The report provides valuable
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What You Should Know About Explainer Video Production Pricing, Styles And Process

Here are a few helpful insights to consider before choosing an explainer video production company: Explainer Video Pricing – For a quality custom explainer video in the 1 – 2 minute range (for marketing, never go longer than 2 minutes), you can expect to pay between
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10 Legitimate Reasons Why Your Business Video Marketing Plan Isn’t Working

Your business needs some attention from consumers, so you decided to try a video marketing plan to help expose your brand, but, for some reason, it simply doesn’t seem to be working for you. What could you possibly be doing wrong? Here are a few common
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The Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Explainer Video Production Company

Here are the five most important things to consider when comparing and selecting an explainer video production company: Is the video creative agency transparent about their pricing? Are they willing to show you the costs of explainer video examples that they produced for other companies? When
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Combine Animations with Live Action Content to Create Compelling Animated Explainer Videos

With the daily deluge of boring and often irrelevant email marketing messages being thrown at sales prospects by marketing automation systems, you may want to consider the production of unique animated explainer videos as a way to differentiate your sales and marketing messages.  The use of animated
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Preparing for a Testimonial or Live Video Production Shoot

Video production shoots can be daunting, whether they’re for customer testimonial videos, live executive videos or on-site training video productions. Even if you’ve done them a million times, something new and unexpected always seems to come up. The key to ensuring a successful testimonial or live
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Corporate Videos Serve Many Purposes

If you are a corporate company, you can definitely take advantage of video production, showcasing your product and services to better educate consumers, particularly your target audience. However, it is best to use the services of an effective, innovative and experienced video production company. Companies require
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Ready for Your Close-Up?
5 key success factors for B-to-B online video marketing

By Wayne Wall, Flimp Media, Inc. During the first 20 years of the Web, content presentation was focused on text and graphics. Today, however, video is the fastest-growing content segment of the Internet. Online video has become an immovable part of the direct marketing industry. According
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