Spice Up Your Corporate Holiday Greeting with a Video Email Postcard

Every year, marketers send out the same, boring holiday greetings. Why not shake things up this year and try something different, like VIDEO? Make an impression on your audience with a fun holiday video postcard. It’s not as expensive as you may think.

By now—unless you’ve been living under a rock—you know that video can improve results for just about every type of marketing campaign. Video encourages audience engagement and interaction with your brand and message. Your holiday greeting gives you the opportunity to be festive, lighthearted, creative and even silly to connect on a more personal level.

Videos can actually be less expensive to produce than traditional printed cards. And, if done right, they can have a positive impact and create a lasting impression on your audience. Just keep in mind that you’re not trying to sell anything with this video; it should express sincere gratitude and holiday sentiments, while showcasing your company’s unique culture and personality.

Let your employees have fun creating a holiday video. It can be as easy as slide show of photos and text with background music, or a simple heartfelt message from an executive, or as complex as a theatrical sketch featuring your employees with lots of props and settings.

Run a quick search on YouTube for holiday greetings and you’ll find lots of interesting videos. Here are a few I found that I thought were fun and very inspired:

If you’re planning to create a video featuring your employees like some of these examples, there will probably be lots of outtakes. Don’t toss those clips! Turn them into a “blooper” or “behind the scenes” video.

You don’t have to focus on just the December holidays. Thanksgiving and New Years are other great opportunities to reach out with a holiday greeting. “Year in review” videos are also popular with many organizations. These videos focus on highlights and accomplishments from the past year.

Use a digital video postcard to maximize your interactivity by surrounding your video with artwork, branding and call-to-action links (but, not too many; remember this isn’t the time for hard selling).

Tips for Holiday Greetings Video Postcard Campaigns

  • Keep your message simple and your video short (less than 90 seconds is ideal).
  • Don’t try to sell anything.
  • Share thanks and good tidings.
  • Emphasize what is unique and special about your company or organization.
  • If you use music in your video, be sure you have the rights or use a royalty-free soundtrack.
  • Email the video postcard to your customers, prospects, employees, members, vendors, etc. for maximum visibility.
  • Make sure your video email communication is viewable on mobile devices.
  • Post it on your website.
  • Feature it in a post on your blog.
  • Share it on social media and YouTube. Encourage recipients to share it too.
  • Add it to your email signatures.

If you don’t want to produce something yourself or with an agency, you can always use a generic animated video customized with your branding and message.

Don’t know how to get started on your holiday video greeting? Flimp can help. We offer custom-branded, interactive video e-card campaigns with animated video. Or we can produce a custom video for you. Contact us to learn more.

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