The Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Explainer Video Production Company

Here are the five most important things to consider when comparing and selecting an explainer video production company:

  • Is the video creative agency transparent about their pricing? Are they willing to show you the costs of explainer video examples that they produced for other companies? When it comes to providing a quote, are they more focused on how much money you have to spend than on what you really need to meet your objectives?
  • Can the explainer video company produce a variety of explainer video styles and is this reflected in their available examples? Too often, video production companies produce the same style of animated video because it saves them money when they can repurpose existing creative assets. Do their examples align with the creative style you envision for your video content?
  • Does the video production company provide a dedicated and experienced project manager who will be responsible for bringing the right talent to work on your animated video production and who will ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the results? Get a good sense of who will be managing your explainer video production project and what will be the realistic time line for completion.
  • Does the company have a clear, transparent video production process that they share with you to help you with the process? Having a clear, well thought out creative process is essential for creating quality, yet cost effective video content.
  • Will you own the video content once it is complete and paid for or are you given a multi-year license? Make sure you own the rights to the video content you have paid for and are provided with source files once the project is completed.  Many agencies don’t give clients full ownership rights. They provide a perpetual license and then hold the rights to the creative content so it can be repurposed for their benefit. Also, when you need changes made to your video, if you don’t own it you have to go back to the producer and pay whatever they want for editing costs. That can suck if they aren’t ethical.
  • Finally, make sure that you choose a video production agency that knows how to help you leverage your explainer video content for the best marketing or communications results. This can include help with hosting, tracking, search optimization, YouTube marketing, and outbound video email marketing for lead generation.

Your explainer videos are an important marketing communications investment for your company or organization.  A good explainer video production house should offer a range of styles and capabilities with enough flexibility to be able to meet all of your video production and creative needs, so you don’t have to bring on new vendors for each new project.

Jesse Albro is a Video Marketing Specialist at Flimp Media.  His video expertise stems from having worked on several productions, including those for Emmy Award winning filmmakers.  He currently resides in Denver, CO with his rescue dog Zooby and enjoys spending weekends traveling the countryside in his Jeep Wrangler.

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