Combine Animations with Live Action Content to Create Compelling Animated Explainer Videos

With the daily deluge of boring and often irrelevant email marketing messages being thrown at sales prospects by marketing automation systems, you may want to consider the production of unique animated explainer videos as a way to differentiate your sales and marketing messages.  The use of animated motion graphics  combined with real, live action video content is an effective way to capture a viewer’s attention and visually engage and educate them about your products

Combining live action and animated video content for explainer video production can make your messaging  more exciting and enticing for viewers.  Animations can add intrigue, curiosity and humor to live action videos that will keep the viewers’ attention longer.  Animated video effects and overlays can be used in different  ways and can provide valuable information to viewers, while making the video production more engaging and enticing, leaving a more lasting impression.  Customers often remember clever videos when making product or service purchase considerations.

As a content format, animated explainer videos afford producers an opportunity to push the boundaries of the video’s message.  Recent technology has made it possible to animate anything on screen – whether it is in cartoon format or CGI.  Here is an example of a mix-format live action plus animated video that our Flimp Agency production team recently produced for Xpandu:

Animated explainer videos can be very cost effective.  Pure animated videos do not require actors, cameramen or expensive re-shoots and re-edits.  The video production process for a motion graphic or animated explainer video is fairly straightforward, requiring a good concept and scripting, voice over talent and development of a clear audiovisual storyboard working with creative artists and the video project manager or producer.

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