Should You Include Your Phone Number on Your Marketing Videos?

A video marketing strategy is an essential component of successful marketing campaigns. From television advertisements to YouTube videos, video marketing has always been popular in one form or another, and is gaining popularity in today’s digital age. So, when designing a marketing campaign, it’s important to know exactly what you should include in your marketing videos. In addition to the main message there are there other details that you should always include. Here are three reasons why including your contact information in your video marketing is essential.

Getting In Touch Quickly

For your customers, one of the most important things that they need to know is how to get in touch with your business. Although there are a whole number of directory sites, such as that they can use, it is a good idea to make sure that your customers have other methods of finding out how to get in contact, including directly from advertisements and marketing efforts they see. For this reason, including your contact number in your video marketing campaigns is a must. That way, customers who watched a video and want to find out more about your products and services simple can dial your number straight away without any need to search further.

Added Convenience to Potential Customers

One of the main things that businesses want is a good reputation from their customers. Reputation is everything. Therefore, making sure that your customers are happy and satisfied is priority one. Since one of the biggest customer requirements is convenience, this should always be kept in mind when designing a video marketing campaign. Including your contact details – your telephone number, website, e-mail address, and links to social media pages as YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages – in marketing videos is a great way to offer both existing and new customers a convenient method to reach you anywhere, and anytime.

Benefits for Your Team

Not only does including your telephone number and other contact details in your video marketing campaigns mean a better reputation for you due convenience, it also means that you enjoy a range of other brand marketing benefits. When designing a video marketing campaign, the primary aim should be to gain customers and increase your business’ profitability. To do this, marketing videos should be designed so customers can get in touch to buy products and/or services from you quickly. Including your contact number and other information about getting in touch in all of your marketing campaigns gives your team the best chance to increase your customer base.


Contact details, including your contact number and website information, are a vital part of good video marketing campaigns. And, by ensuring that your customers have every option to get in touch right there at their fingertips, you will get the most from your campaign.

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