Flimpbruary Day 15: Use a flimp in email

For Week Three of Flimpbruary, we are focusing on different ways you can use a flimp. . .

  • Monday – Use a flimp in email
  • Tuesday – Use a flimp for SEO purposes
  • Wednesday – Use a flimp for social networking
  • Thursday – Use a flimp for public relations outreach
  • Friday – Use a flimp as Intelligent Digital Collateral

The most popular way to distribute a flimp video landing page is via email marketing.  Email is one of the most effective digital direct marketing strategies.  It is a great way to reach both a B2B and a B2C audience.  The FLIMP Platform makes it easy for marketers to create email web video marketing campaigns.
First and foremost, the FLIMP Platform follows best practices for email video content.  Marketers who want to ensure that their audiovisual content distributed via email is a best practice need to:

  • Present a screenshot of the video.
  • Embed a link to the video for video playback.

As a default, Flimp’s email code generation will present an email template that includes a screenshot of the video (or a screenshot of the entire flimp) and a link to the video landing page. 
This is an example of a flimp distributed via email:

For more advanced email marketing campaigns, the Flimp email code will also present both a trackable link (to the live flimp) and snapshot links to either the video-only or the video landing page.
Flimps get distributed via email either as part of one-to-one communications programs or for large email campaigns.  The FLIMP Platform makes it easy to create the source code for email web video marketing and it also is able to generate robust reporting metrics.
Linking an email message to a flimp landing page also follows another email best practice:  the use of landing pages for email campaigns.  Landing pages are a great way to assess how email recipients engaged with your marketing message and content.

When a flimp is distributed via email with one of the ESPs the Platform is currently integrated with, individual flimp viewer activity is captured at the individual email address level.  What this means is that marketers are able to see who individually viewed a flimp and what activities the viewer participated in.  This is extremely beneficial information for lead-generation campaigns.
The FLIMP Platform is currently integrated with the following ESPs, meaning that emails sent from one of these systems can track engagement at the individual email address level:
Blackbaud Kintera, Bronto, Constant Contact, Contactology, Convio, CoolerEmail, Delivra, Eloqua, Emma, ExactTarget, Get Response, GraphicMail, iContact, iModules, iPost, Listrak, Lyris, MarketVolt, Publicaster, Pure360, SalesFusion, Salsa, Silverpop Engage, StreamSend, Tower Data, Vertical Response, and YesMail.
Flimps can be sent via a non-integrated ESP.  Standard report metrics are available. The only data not available when a flimp is distributed through a non-integrated ESP is the at individual email address information.
You can also distribute flimps in a one-to-one capacity using the Flimp Email Delivery option.

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