Overcoming the No. 1 Challenge to Online Video Production and Deployment

It has been an exciting and busy week for everyone here at the Flimp offices in Boston with the release of the Online Video Production Survey and Industry Trends Report. Arriving right on the heels of the 2014 digital NewFront presentations, the survey of more than three-hundred video production professionals offers some surprising insights about the evolving ways in which businesses are approaching video.

As expected, the report’s findings support existing evidence that businesses are increasing spending on video production, with the highest proportion of respondents predicting a 20 to 39 percent increase in the number of videos produced by their organization, and up to a 19 percent increase in video production budgets. It’s interesting to note that respondents expected the quantity of video output to grow at a higher rate than the associated budgeting, indicating that they will need to spend smarter this year in order to meet their expectations for volume.

Expected Change in Online Video Production Budgets in 2014


Expected Change in the Number of Videos Your Organization Will Produce in 2014


Luckily, the survey also revealed the biggest reported challenge related to video production and deployment to be an easily solvable problem. We were surprised to see that respondents did not list budget constraints as their biggest obstacle, but rather “delivering all the right file types and bit rates across many different devices.” If your business happens to be among that 41 percent, you have much to gain from a comprehensive video marketing and communications platform with hands-off encoding capabilities, such as Flimp5.

These days, it’s surprisingly simple to upload high quality video when you have the right tools at your disposal. A good video platform must strike a balance between user accessibility and compatibility. In other words, a video platform is only successful when it enables users to upload video in the desired format while ensuring that it displays beautifully across all devices. Flimp5 provides the best of both worlds by both allowing users to upload a variety of video formats while offering users 1 to 1 support and an up-to-date guide of practices that will empower them to achieve the maximum return on their every video.

The good news is that ramping up video output, without increasing your budget proportionately, is an entirely achievable goal for businesses that start spending smarter and streamlining their video production and deployment process with tools like Flimp5.


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Kendall is a web video marketing intern at Flimp Media.

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