Flimp Video Email Campaigns Establish Performance Benchmarks For Video Landing Page Email Engagement

Using Flimp Media’s video marketing software, nine separate video landing page email marketing campaigns were created, launched and tracked by individual email addresses across five different markets including sports, real estate, financial services, fundraising and nonprofit communications.  The video emails contained video thumbnail prompts that took viewers to custom video landing pages that tracked interactions by individual email address. The campaigns were delivered to opt-in mail lists using the integrated email distribution tools within the Flimp video marketing software.  The results showed how video landing pages used with email marketing can generate significantly higher viewer engagement and response rates than traditional email marketing.

Combined data from the nine video email campaigns produced the following results:

  • 47.75% of people that opened their emailed clicked thru to the video landing page
  • 96.76% of video landing page viewers were able to watch the video message
  • 53.56% of video landing page viewers watched the video to completion (average length- 2 minutes, 16 seconds)
  • 33.15% of video landing page viewers clicked a response link on the video postcard
Flimp Video Email Marketing Campaigns: Viewer Response Data

Flimp Video Email Marketing Campaigns: Viewer Response Data

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Author: Alexandra Mills

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