Generating More Engagement and Conversions with Video Landing Pages: 3 Critical Success elements

The average goldfish has an attention span of only nine seconds, but that is longer than the average internet user attention span which is only eight seconds according to Statistic Brain.  For online marketers trying to engage and convert prospects into customers, that reality presents a daunting challenge.

One clear solution to the difficulty of driving higher marketing engagement and conversion rates is using online video and video landing pages. When it comes to online video, the average length watched of a single internet video is an astounding 2.7 minutes. Research has also shown that online video ads drive 4-7 times higher engagement and response rates than static web advertisements. But most impressive is the fact that video used on landing pages has been shown to increase conversions by up to 86%.  (Source) That’s why more and more marketers are turning integrating interactive video landing pages into their online marketing programs using video landing page software available in some online video platforms like the Flimp 5 Video Marketing Platform.

What are Video Landing Pages

Video landing pages, also called video sites can come in the form of standalone video microsites, video brochures or video postcards delivered to target audiences through email, advertisements or social media or they can be can be embedded into an existing website. Typically in a video landing page, the video content is used to engage the viewer and then calls to action or webforms adjacent to the video are used to generate responses and landing page conversions. It is important to keep video landing pages simple and uncluttered so that the viewers limited attention is directed to watching your video marketing content without too many distractions. These multimedia landing Pages are especially effective for video email campaigns and search advertising but it is important that identifiable viewer tracking and reporting is seamlessly built in to the landing page to optimize video lead generation.

The 3 Critical Elements for Creating a Successful Video Landing Page

Using video landing pages as standalone content for video email marketing or for converting traffic on your existing website can certainly increase response rates, conversions and sales, however this only happens when you have quality video content and the video is presented in a smart and effective way that renders and plays well on all types of devices. For this you need good design and most likely an online video platform solution that offers video landing page features.

Quality Video Content

Your landing page video needs to be high-quality, engaging and able to capture the viewer’s attention within the first crucial eight seconds.  It also needs to have a clear action message if used for marketing and able to drive the viewer to associated calls-to-action and web inquiry forms.

Depending on content, company and objectives, various styles of video can be employed to create an engaging, interesting and ultimately actionable video landing page experience that will generate conversions and sales leads. There are many different styles of video you can use depending on your objective including motion graphics videos, animated explainer videos, customer testimonial videos or live action marketing videos. To view examples of these different video types go to the Flimp Media video gallery.

Video length can also have influence on how well an audience is captured.  For online marketing, videos should be 60 to 90 seconds long, and never exceed 2 minutes with some rare exceptions when engaging with close affinity audiences. The video needs to be a short elevator pitch that highlights key points of value to the target audience. If you want to provide additional information or a long form video, that can be done with interactive response buttons underneath the main video. The Flimp 5 platform allows for multiple videos in the same landing page that come open in the same browser view rather than take the prospect to a new url page. Remember a short teaser video should be enough to drive interest and response. Don’t be long winded…it will only hurt conversion rates. Finally, make sure the default thumbnail of the video reinforce your contact information and call to action

A video landing page is a viewing experience that informs and engages a viewer while pushing them to learn more or get involved.  This experience must work seamlessly on all types of viewing devices including mobile phones and tablets. Using an online video platform to host and track your videos and landing pages is essential since there are so many video viewing and encoding variables to address such as device types, bandwidth, operating systems, browsers and various versions of each browser as well as browser settings. Fortunately, online video platforms and video landing page solutions like the Flimp 5 platform do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to delivering and tracking video online given all the encoding complexities.

Custom Branding and Clean Video Landing Page Design

Quality video alone will not guarantee conversion success.  The design of the entire video landing page is crucial and it is best to design your page and video together as a cohesive experience so that the viewer plays the video directly within the landing page. That’s why using YouTube is not acceptable – because you run the risk of diverting the viewer to the YouTube website and away from your landing page experience. An ideal video microsite will not be cluttered with words or distractions.  The page should be simple, clean and provide clear branding.  Attention should remain on the video and 1-2 simple, clear and interactive calls to action in order to facilitate responses and conversions.  The calls to action can be an offer to download information such as a whitepaper or a web form response to a compelling product selective offer. It is crucial to highlight the location and purpose of the CTA button during the video.  Keep focus on this goal in order to generate measurable responses and customers.

With the Flimp 5 Platform it is simple to create, edit and test interactive video landing pages without any programming in the drag and drop WYSIWYG creative studio. Flimp5 facilitates creation of video + multimedia html interactive trackable video landing pages, video brochures, video microsites and video postcards with integrated distribution through 50+ email service providers including Eloqua, Marketo and Exact Target as well as social media and other embedding and distribution tools.

Video Landing Page Tracking, Reporting and Analytics

An essential and often overlooked part of a video landing page is actionable analytics, which means you can track individual viewers by their email address and other identifiable information. Tracking data should include detailed engagement data such as time spent on the landing page, video viewing data, the number of viewer touches or interactions on the page, response activity and sharing activity. Your tracking data must go beyond simple traffic numbers into specific information about individual viewing actions and engagements.

Video landing page software such as the Flimp 5 Video Marketing software is especially helpful in terms providing detailed tracking which goes beyond Google analytics. The Flimp software automatically tracks and reports detailed identifiable and email-address oriented viewer data.  Going beyond simple conversion statistics, Flimp shows how viewers are interacting with your video landing site in three major ways: engagement details, response details and sharing details.

For more information or a demo on creating, distributing and tracking video landing pages, contact Chip Arndt at Flimp Media at 1.508.435.4310.

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