Using Animated Videos for Online Video Marketing

Following the explosion of YouTube and other social media video sharing sites in recent years, video marketing has become one of the most popular advertising methods.  In our digital world, the attention span of internet users is becoming increasingly shorter and shorter. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how much you can say with a well-constructed marketing video. Video marketing offers an array of advantages for businesses. They grab viewers’ attention, and provide valuable information in a quick and interactive manner.  Videos provide enhanced audiovisual engagement compared to static text content.  In addition to live action and spokesperson video, marketers have found animated video to be highly successful at garnering engagement and response rates among viewers.  Animated video adds another dimension to marketing and provides variety for marketing campaigns.

Incorporating animated video into a video marketing campaign can make productions more exciting and enticing for viewers.  The most important element of any video, but especially an animated video, is content.  The most effective animated videos are often humorous, especially entertaining, or heart-warming.  An animated video is able to connect on a personal level with a viewer while simultaneously delivering its message in a strong and succinct manner.  The content must be memorable and relevant to the audience while remaining entertaining and engaging.

When considering production, animated videos are generally very cost effective and have few limitations.  Recent technology has made it possible to create anything on-screen, whether it is in cartoon format or CGI.  With few restrictions, businesses can expand their marketing materials to areas that traditional marketing and live-action video marketing cannot.  Animated videos do not require the extensive film crews that live action footage can.  When properly outsourced they are fast, cost efficient and easy to make.

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly essential part of any business advertising campaign.  Video advertising grabs potential customers and communicates crucial product information in an engaging and succinct manner.  When done properly, video marketing can also help boost SEO efforts and help your business rank high on search engines.

The positive conversion effects of video marketing are heightened when utilizing animated videos.  Animated video production allows companies to push the boundaries of digital content while providing stimulating and engaging viewer material.  Animated videos have been found to offer businesses high customer conversion rates when embedded on a website of video microsite.  More than half of the people who view an animated video will choose to take a call to action offered.  Animated video offers higher conversion, engagement and response rates.

Properly utilizing video as part of an online marketing campaign can help communicate information to viewers in a prompt, effective, interactive and engaging manner.  Using animated video provides a positive and stimulating experience for consumers to learn about your product and take a call to action as well as yielding higher conversion, engagement and response rates.

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