5 Ways Video Helps You Market & Grow Your Driving Instructor Business

Many driving instructors are self-employed and most are responsible for marketing their services for driving tutelage directly. With many young people today wanting to learn how to drive, instructors often are up against a lot of competition from other independent driving instructors and larger driving schools in their area. To assist in getting a leg up on the competition to market drive instruction services to potential clients, we’ve listed five of the best ways in which you can use video to market your services as a driving instructor in order to get more students enrolled with you.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent platform for marketing, and today, most marketing done on Facebook comes in the form of short videos. Most people enjoy watching Facebook videos, and there’s also Facebook Live, which may have been a bit of a flop with personal users but is a treasure for companies and businesses showcasing their products and services. Using Facebook Live is easy. You create a video while logged into Facebook or upload a live video of yourself giving a driving lesson. Another idea is to create a short video of your students coming back and being told that they passed their test, with their permission of course! All of these videos can also be linked to and shard with a few simple clicks via other social media channels as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

As a driving instructor, creating a YouTube channel can certainly go in your favour. Today, many learner drivers hope to find their perfect driving instructor online. However, it’s impossible to know what a driving instructor is going to be like until you have a lesson with them. Using a series of YouTube videos, which you could make with a hands-free camera kit in the car or smartphone, you could talk potential students through the process of learning to drive with you – doing this shows your skills and personality, as well as putting their mind at ease from the start. It is easy to set up an easy-to-navigate YouTube channel and load all types of videos – fun and instructional!

3. Use Videos on Your Website

As long as they’re not too large to slow down the total site or page loading time, videos can be a dynamic, interactive addition to your website that improves traffic and, hopefully, get you some more students. Review videos are a handy tool, so be sure to ask some past successful students if they would be interested in making a short video about their experience learning to drive with you. Then upload them to your website … and on your YouTube channel too (see above).

4. Make Informational Videos

Marketing videos don’t always have to come in the form of a video that tells potential customers what they need and why they need it. In fact, one of the best ways to market your services as a driving instructor is to show just how good you are at your job.

One of the best ways to do this is to make tutorial videos. For example, you could create a video offering tips for passing the theory test, using a practice driving theory test on Top Tests to illustrate the questions, or driving-specific tutorials for manoeuvres such as parallel parking, driving around roundabouts, or even tips for helping learner drivers get into the regular habit of checking their rear view mirror. And always try and be fun and personable when you create your videos.

Also, don’t be overwhelmed by the process to create great video content. You can shoot high-quality videos directly from your smart phone – or a professional video kit – and upload them to your social media channels and/or to a video platform (see below: 5. Video Email Marketing) and then distribute.

Tip – A good question to ask yourself while you create a video production is: “Would I like to watch this video if I was looking for an instructor who I could get along with and learn from?

And, here is a fun example of driving instructor video shot with a smart phone that includes closed captions during viewing, which you can create using video platforms.

How To Drive A Car EASILY! (Basics For Beginners)

5. Video Email Marketing

Now that you created great, fun, and informational video content another distribution channel to garner new clients is video email. It actually is easy to send video in an email and track who opened it. You can use a video platform to create video postcards and send these multimedia digital postcards, or videos alone, directly from your email with a nice message or you can send from an email service provider (ESP), such as Constant Contact, iContact, or MailChimp. Integrated and vendor agnostic ESP video email marketing distribution tools provided by Flimp Media and its multimedia video platform make the process from start to finish simple. And, you can use the same Flimp video platform to distribute directly to your social media channels (see above) with full tracking and reporting.

Driving instructors today are in high demand, but as a driving instructor you will also have to deal with a lot of competition. Thankfully, video marketing is a powerful tool for increasing your customer base, brand exposure, and reach across the Internet (hint: remember to share your video content across your social media channels, as you never know who might pick up your videos and share with others across their social media networks).

These are just some of the awesome ways in which video content and video marketing can be used to promote your driving tutelage services.

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