60% of Video Streams are Low Quality Causing $2.16 Billion in Lost Profits

Think your digital video is good enough?  You may want to think again.  Today Conviva published the Q1 2013 Viewer Experience Report which linked online video performance to profitability.

Based on an analysis of 22.6 billion global video streams during 2012, Conviva found that brands could have generated an additional $2.16 billion in profits if they improved the digital video viewing experience.  Poor quality video streams are poised to cause brands to lose up to $20 billion in potential revenue through 2017.

Sixty percent of the video streams suffered in quality due in part to one of these three factors:

  1. 40 percent of streams lost profit from low-quality video picture resolution due to low bitrates
  2. 20.6 percent of streams lost profit from buffering time
  3. 19.5 percent of streams lost profit from slow video start-up times

As ReelSEO reiterated – viewers do not like to wait for video content to load.  Viewers will start to drop-off from watching the video after a mere two seconds.  Consumers expectations are such that they expect to be able to view quality video streams whenever they want on whatever device they want to watch on.  Conviva’s CEO Darren Feher noted:

“Viewers are becoming increasing less tolerant of a poor viewing experience when streaming online content”

Video optimization is not only a critical component to web video marketing, but it should be a best practice.  Viewers watch 250 percent more video when they have an optimal viewing experience.  The quality of the video viewing experience has a direct impact on the bottom line.

The Flimp Video Postcard Marketing and Communications Platform manages the video viewing experience.  The progressive download nature of a flimp video postcard player means that video content is able to be instantly viewed.  Additionally, flimp video postcard content can be watched on a desktop or a mobile device.

Not only is the acceptable margin of error in video streaming low, it can also be quite costly.


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