Flimpbruary Day 9: The Difference Between Flimp and Brainshark

Video to marketers, especially in the B2B category, can mean a lot of different things.  There is the “plain old” audiovisual content, slideshows, and onscreen web tour movies, just to name a few.
Brainshark is one product many B2B marketers use for both lead-gen campaigns and general corporation education.  So what is Brainshark?  It is a templated PowerPoint plug-in software that converts PowerPoint presentations to audiovisual web pages with limited content flexibility, tracking, branding, and distribution.  Presentations are hosted from the Brainshark website with a Brainshark URL. 
The FLIMP Platform has a fully customizable interface that supports both video and fully interactive multimedia content. Not only can you incorporate audiovisual content into an array of situations (email marketing, intelligent digital collateral, web integration), you can create video landing pages. Also, Flimp’s data distribution tools, data collection and reporting are much more sophisticated and also more geared towards marketing/communications campaigns.

Flimp Brainshark
Purpose Create, deliver, and track rich media video landing pages/videosites for web marketing, sales and communications campaigns. Create, deliver, and track simple audio PowerPoint presentations.
Intended Use Interactive video marketng, sales prospecting and communications. Sales and training presentations with PowerPoint presentations.
User Interface (GUI) Completely customizable “Flash” videosites/video landing pages interface. Standard PowerPoint Player Template.
Content Supported True multimedia – audio, video, animation, weblinks, customizable. Audio PowerPoint presentation.
URL Name Plays from http://viewit.cc/ or client URL if embedded. Always plays from Brainshark website.
Content Creation Any user can create interactive “flash” microsites/video landing pages provided they have available content files. Any user can create PowerPoint with audio voiceover. 
Control over message content Marketing Department. Communications Department.  Sales Department
Digital Asset Management Library – Video, Graphics, etc. Yes  Limited.
Integrated Distribution Tools Integrated email marketing platform and other web distribution and website integration tools. Limited to link within an email.
Large Scale Distribution Can distribute to one or to millions.  Intended for small audiences.
Reports All Viewer Activity Tracking by Email Address Yes  – contains sophisticated tracking and reporting dashboard with exportable data to CRM.  No.
Reports Viral Viewer Actvitiy by Email Address Yes.  No.
Viewer Activity Reporting by Distribution Campaign  Yes.  No.
Embedded Links and Action Buttons Tracked by Viewer Yes.   No.
Integration within Client Website(s) Yes.   No.
Campaign Creation Time Less Than 24 Hours Yes.  Yes.
Hosted Software as a Service Available Yes.  Yes.
Installed Software Available No. Yes.

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