A Tool to Turn Marketing Agencies Into Digital Experts

This is the first of a two-part post focusing on how the FLIMP Platform should be a go-to tool for marketing agencies (advertising, public relations, etc.).

Since the mid-1990s, the agency business has been going through numerous transformations.  Technology has been at the forefront of these metamorphoses.  Depending on which side of the table you sit on, the technological advancements have been both positive and negative.  I think tools that have made our jobs easier to do are positive, but I can certainly understand people who wish we lived in a less 24/7 accessible world.
Marketing campaigns launched in 2010 are much different than anything we could ever imagine even 15 years ago.  There are so many different ways to reach an audience.  Not to mention the fact that you can literally launch a new concept in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months.  Plus, especially within digital marketing, you can obtain real metrics that quantify a campaign’s performance.
Having worked on the agency side at various points in my career, I understand the challenges that agencies are facing.  Great creative work may not be enough to keep a client on your roster.  Expectations are very high, budgets are very low and everyone wants it done yesterday.
The tenets addressed in “A Small Agency’s Guide to Going Digital” published this week by Advertising Age represent a great primer for agencies who have yet to jump over to the digital side.  Frankly, in 2010 we shouldn’t be talking about marketing campaigns in terms of “offline” or “online.”  A marketing campaign should be integrated to reach an audience via different touch points and, if it does its job well enough, generate leads and sales.
So what role does Flimp play in all of this?  We help simplify the development and deployment of audiovisual content.  We recognize that most agencies today do have web development professionals on staff who are capable of integrating audiovisual content into digital assets.  We are not looking to usurp the developer’s role in an agency – we are just eager to offer a tool that can simplify the development process.  Wouldn’t you rather have your developers work on the big ticket/big payoff projects instead of toiling away on something that Flimp can do in under a half-hour?
If you’re interested in learning how you can obtain a Flimp Agency account, feel free to either join us for our daily webinar or contact Greg Dale at gregdale AT flimp.net.  I know that you’ll be amazed at how robust the FLIMP Platform is (and how inexpensive it is to use).
In Part II, I’ll provide some examples for how the FLIMP Platform can be used by agencies to pitch for new business or media placement.

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