The 5 Best Ways to Use a Landing Page

We preach landing page proliferation day in and day out. We tell you every day (here and elsewhere) that you should use landing pages for all of your marketing initiatives. That’s all well and good, you say, but aren’t landing pages just for pay-per-click advertising?
No! In fact, using LPs for PPC is only the third most useful application of a well-designed landing page. Wondering what the other four are? Let the countdown begin!
#5 – Web Content Expansion – You spend weeks coming up with creative, compelling content to drive your users to a call to action. But after your marketing campaign is over, will that content go to waste? It will if you just send your LP to the nether-regions of the Internet. A well-designed landing page can always be embedded into your existing web page to boost SEO, improve conversions, and/or entertain your visitors.
#4 – Video SEO – Yes, you read that right. If you embed your video within a flash landing page, you can use a process called SWFObject to embed searchable HTML terms behind the video. Embed the landing page HTML into an existing website with the right title and meta tags, surround the video with keyword-rich text, and you’ve got a recipe for some serious video SEO mojo.
#3 – Pay-Per-Click Ads – Ah yes, the tried and true PPC landing page. If you’re going to create a quirky PPC ad to stand out from the other boring PPC ads in your space, you’ll need a quirky landing page to keep up the image. You can read more about this trending disconnect in this earlier blog post.
#2 – Social Media – LPs for social media? Of course! Lots of businesses are beginning to run promotions strictly for their followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. Just like PPC ads, you don’t want these offers to appear to just anyone. If you want to send a particular offer your social media followers, landing pages are an absolute must.
Envelope please! And the number one best way to use landing pages is…

#1 – Email Marketing – That’s right, email. Sure, you could send your email recipients to a particular area of your website, to a registration form, to product descriptions, or to a variety of other places. But if you want your readers to perform a specific action, you need to provide them with compelling content. What’s the best way to present compelling, relevant content to your target audience? A landing page, of course (especially if you’re using video).

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Flimp allows its clients to use landing pages for in all of these applications. What’s more, you can do it all without design expertise, programming know-how, or a huge marketing budget. To learn more, sign up for one of our free daily product demos. I’ll see you there!

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