Rejuvenate Your Blog and Social Media Marketing with Video Content

Watching video on your smartphone, tablet or computer is the biggest thing since sliced bread – well, sort of – so it makes sense to give your tired, old blog a major boost of video adrenaline. Video content marketing is massive and ubiquitous, which is why YouTube is arguably the most popular social network for video. YouTube is also the second largest search engine after Google, so a lot of people are searching for video content when they type in a query. So what can you do right now to take advantage of millions of people around the globe watching video and make video work for your business or organization? Here are a few tips that might help.

Boost Blog Traffic with Video Content

First you should have a blog. There are many reasons to have a blog. Blogs help people learn about you and your business, blogs make it easier for Google, Bing and other search engines to find your website, blogs lead to better SEO and other reasons you can read about here: The Top 10 Benefits Of Blogging On Your Website (by Forbes).

Okay, now that we know you have a blog, if your blog has no video content, you are missing out on a lot of traffic. For many people, this doesn’t matter, as their blog is sometimes a vanity project for their innermost musings. However, let us assume that you use your blog for commercial reasons, or to earn money to help pay for your online masters in criminal justice degrees from a university as Boston University located near USA offices, or to educate people about health related issues, or simply to help friends find great products as this very helpful myfitnesspal blog does.

In all cases, you need to ensure that you have quality content and a decent level of blog traffic. You also need to encourage people to stay on your blog to ensure you are adding value to readers. Collectively when you do this it shows search engine algorithms that your website and blog are value add and this leads to higher search results, which leads to better SEO, which leads to more readers, which leads to more traffic, which leads to more time people spend on your website and blog, which leads to more readers, which leads to more social sharing of your content, which leads to more traffic and viewers…you get the point.

So how can you provide more value and information to your readers in a fun and engaging way by using methods that work? The answer is video. That’s right, adding video content to your blog (and website) is an excellent way to boost traffic, enhance site stickiness, and improve SEO. And if you don’t believe us take a look at this study from KissMetrics: How Well Does Online Video Convert? Or this overview from Insivia: 50 Must-Know Stats About Video Marketing and Video Conversion For Landing Pages, Websites and Blogs 2016

The main reason why video is valuable is because people search for video content above all else over other forms of content and information across the Internet. Let’s say, for example, you want to know how to fit ceramic tiles on a concrete floor. Would you rather read a list of instructions with small pictures or watch a professional ‘how-to’ video that you can pause, rewind and watch from your mobile device while you actually are laying the tiles yourself? I bet the answer is the latter.

Video Content Leads to Better Conversion Rates

Adding helpful video content to your blog also guarantees better conversion rates on your web traffic. The fact is that people love to watch video, whether the content is useful, funny, or just strange. And, the longer people stay on your website the odds that they buy your product or return later to find out more increases. Either way using videos is important to show that you are expert in your field, to build your brand recognition, and to show the world that you are a go-to person about the product you sell, the service you provide, and/or the topic of interest you are writing about.

In addition, unlike a page of only text, video evokes an emotional reaction. Human beings are programmed to read body language and verbal clues, so we are more likely to be swayed by a powerful video than simply by reading text. Text is a dry way of imparting information and often leaves us cold and needing more, whereas video has a greater impact on our decision-making processes. Here is a good summary of why and how using video content works from How Much Impact Do Videos Have on Landing Page Conversion Rates?

Keep Visitors on Your Blog and Website Longer with Video Content

The longer visitors stay on your blog, the better. Google takes note of high bounce rates and too many people bouncing away quickly from your website and not staying to learn more hurts your SEO. Since video is more interesting than text visitors tend to stick around to watch rather than clicking away, which leads to more time on website and that helps your SEO rankings. In addition, you can use the compelling nature of video to build your social profile across the Internet. How? Read more…

For example, if you are a student and have an important message to get across on your blog, perhaps while you are studying for a Masters Degree, record your thoughts on a high-profile issue progressing though the criminal justice system in a video and upload it to your blog. And when you post a video to your blog remember to have share social buttons on the blog post so people can share it easily with others. Why? Video content is just as popular on social media – and people love to share videos through their social media channels – as it is elsewhere on the Internet, so make your video content work for you. It’s an easy way to build social links and boost your blog readership.

If you are not a student, as in the example above, then create a short video on your thoughts about a topic that affects your business and ends with why your business or organization can help others. Here are short and simple explainer video examples from elevenpine, a bike clothing line that provides riders of all levels an alternative to wearing spandex. As you can see from the examples, videos don’t have to be long or over produced. Shoot a video from your smartphone and use free video editing tools to cut it to perfection and maybe you can create something that looks like this for your blog and website:

elevenpine – High Performance and Cool & Comfortable Fashion for Bikers – Finally!

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