Redefining the Online Marketing Landing Page

A FLIMP is new kind of marketing landing page that uses engaging rich media and flash video content instead of static HTML web content. Flimp landing pages have built-in viewer tracking and reporting and require no programming to create, edit and distribute to target audiences. Flimp landing pages are created and edited using a special drag and drop interface that eliminates the need for any coding or programming.

The term FLIMP originated as an acronym for Flash Interactive Media Player, where “Flash” refers to Adobe Flash Player and rich media authoring programs. With a FLIMP on-demand software account, users can add, remove and otherwise edit and change available multimedia content in their landing pages including audio, video, web forms, images, graphics, flash animation, text and hyperlinks. The ease of content assembly, interaction and tracking of detailed viewer activity makes Flimp landing pages are much more cost effective for A/B testing, lead generation and conversion marketing than ordinary HTML landing pages that require programming and plug in web analytics software. They also drive much 400% to 700% higher engagement and response rates because they can contain integrated video and rich media content.

FLIMP rich media landing pages, also termed “videosites” and “video landing pages” can be shared or distributed via web links, email, blogs, search links, RSS and other internet distribution methods. They can also be easily embedded into HTML websites and web pages as landing pages. Each FLIMP landing page is a hosted, self contained, portable mini-web site with a distinct URL that supports flash video content. FLIMP landing page content including videos are delivered using the Amazon CloudFront and its global network of edge locations so the content can be served at any volume anywhere in the world instantly. Likewise the viewer data collected and reported by flimp landing pages is processed using the Amazon EC2 cloud services so it is available in real time and computing capacity can be scaled to any level.

Everyone who uses web landing pages for direct marketing programs (and that means just about every online marketer these days), should be aware of how new rich media and analytics technologies are beginning to redefine this fundamental marketing tool.

–Wayne Wall
CEO, Flimp Media Inc.

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