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 Flimp Media Introduces Online Learning System to Global Workforce

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Here is a flimp created by the Sony Ericcson WTA Tour to update tennis fans on the highlights of the tournament at Doha. For more on how you can create agency-quality collateral like this, check out our video tutorials.



It seems as though marketers are finally beginning to realize all the wonderful things they can do with video. Not that video is a new idea, of course, but until recently it seemed as though there were only a very few enlightened folk (like yourself) who really understood what video could do for every facet of business communication. And it wasn’t until very recently that B2B marketers finally caught the video bug. But it’s beginning to happen.

This month we profile Citrix, who recently used video email to augment their international training efforts. Citrix has done a fantastic job messaging to their employees worldwide, and we at Flimp were delighted that we could help.

If we can help Citrix, we can help you. To learn how, you owe it to yourself to attend one of our free online workshops. As always, feel free to drop us a line at, or give us a call at our new number, 1-877-FLIMP-IT. We look forward to talking with you.

–Matt Shaw
Interactive Marketing Manager

Flimp Media Introduces Online Learning System to Global Workforce

Flimp Media announced the addition of Citrix Systems, Inc. to its portfolio of clients who have embraced the flash interactive marketing platform for internal communication. The Citrix Human Resources team created a series of interactive, integrated video campaigns to introduce a new Learning Management System, called MyLearning, to the roughly 5,000 employees in 34 countries worldwide. Flimp enabled Citrix to distribute a personal message from senior management that netted an average employee viewing time of 4.1 minutes and a 65% click-through rate on response links integrated into the MyLearning flimps.



      How to Use Video
           Analytics Tools to
            Track Your Customers’
            Online Behavior

      Video Email is Not
           a Trick

      Web Video Marketing
            News You can Use

      Insurance Marketing
           with Video in Six
            Easy Steps

      Flimp Review on .eduGuru

Web Video Marketing News You Can Use
By Jenn O’Meara

My head is literally swilling. It seemed like yesterday there was literally one article after another about how different businesses are using online video for marketing purposes. Web video marketing if you would prefer. Between people retweeting articles on Twitter, daily media newsletters and RSS feeds, video news was swirling about.

As an avid follower of the web video marketing vertical for the past few years, I’m relishing in how the focus has shifted from paid online video ads to using video as part of a mar-comm strategy. If I had to classify the past few years, ’07 was the year of User Generated Content (UCG), ’08 was about the pre-roll vs. post-roll ad unit and ’09 really has been about web video marketing. It is nice to see this tactic being embraced and discussed! To read more, click here.



      CIMA Survey:
           Video and Search Receive
           Highest Results

      Online Video’s Sexiest Category:
          Staid Old Packaged-Goods

      Wall Street Wants
           to See Money,
           Pushes Hulu to Charge
           for Content

The folks at the Sony Ericcson WTA Tour were kind enough to sit down with us and talk a little bit about the success they had using the Flimp platform. We think the results are incredible – and the folks at the Tour are pleased as punch, too! Click the link below to see the full case study.





Sometimes when you’ve got a really great tool, it’s easy to forget all the ways you can use it. So we’re not surprised when we hear people say things like, “Oh, we’re an XYZ company. We can’t use video for marketing.”

Our answer? Of course you can! In fact, we haven’t found a single organization that wouldn’t benefit from using measurable online video. And if you’re still unsure about how best to use video, we’ve developed a kind of strategic template that you can use to create a successful video marketing campaign in six easy steps. Click here to see how this template could be used for insurance marketing, for example.

To find out how you can use video to enhance your marketing campaigns, regardless of your vertical market, sign up for a free tour with Flimp CEO Wayne Wall.



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