Choosing a Video Email Marketing Software Application for Business Marketing

Online video content is becoming one of the largest sources of internet traffic and is a very important part of business marketing. These days digital marketing entails a lot of things and one of the chief pieces is email marketing. Combining marketing, video content with email  helps companies reach out to more consumers online and generate leads.  Sixty percent of marketers use video in email marketing, according to the 4Q 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends report.

Video email is a combination of different marketing features including branding, calls to action, and robust tracking and reporting. If you can successfully incorporate video email into your digital marketing strategy, you can expect to see positive results and increased engagement with end-users and, most importantly for B2c marketing, your targeting audience.  Video emails are attention getting and an efficient method to communicate information to your consumer base. Video emails have higher engagement and response rates than other forms of marketing, such as blogs and social media postings.  A study recently conducted by Email Monks found that video email campaigns generated a 280 percent higher return than static email messages.

Despite popular belief, it is not difficult to distribute video content through email. Video email software is becoming a popular tool for large and small businesses. The software is typically used for distributing video content through email, video postcard landing pages, and social media.  Companies that provide video marketing production services also make it simple for users to easily insert videos within the email message. Most video email software applications have an easy to use interface and do not require users to be an IT expert to create video email. Companies that offer marketing video production services will likely offer a simple drag and drop software, making it effortless to create the perfect video email. In addition, some video email software has strong tracking and reporting capabilities so that your company can easily record and analyze the success of video emails by email recipient.

Video email marketing can help a corporation stand out from the competition by improving brand awareness, increasing reach, and directly touching loyal customers with personalized video email messages. Also, sending out promotional videos helps build trust and credibility with potential customers by conveying information in a fun, interactive and visual manner.

Videos have proven to add value to email, similar to how a .PDF attachment or Infographic would.  Marketers should consider adding videos to email as a method to reinforce messaging, branding, awareness, and education related to your business, nonprofit or other organization within the body of the email. Also, some quick tips when producing video content:

  • Keep the video less than 45 seconds.
  • Tell a short and concise story.
  • Employ key words and buzzwords that you would like the viewer to remember.
  • Have fun and stand out – there are lots of videos in the marketplace, so don’t be afraid to be unique!

This is an example of a video email that contains a video thumbnail snapshot along with a direct link to the video content and calls-to-actions, which are all tracked and reported on in real time:

The best part of video and email marketing is that it can be very easy.  Video email software has made it seamless for adding videos, and even sharing them, on social media, websites, or a blog.  Video marketing production services are a niche service that continuously helps corporations, small to mid-sized businesses, and nonprofits add videos to their online marketing and communications strategy.

Video marketing production companies as Flimp Media provide organizations with the tools to easily embed videos within email and other online social media and marketing channels.  Get started incorporating effective marketing and communication videos to your emails, website and social media marketing channels today!







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