4 Ways to Enhance the Presentation of Your Corporate Video Content

You created great videos, perfect! Now, is this video content having the impact you hoped it would have on all of the people who view it? If not, you may need to supplement how you present your corporate video content to give it an additional boost. You can do this by using a wide range of simple tools and distribution strategies. Below are four such methods to share your videos across multiple presentation channels to increase viewership.

1. Create Presentation Folders That Include Video Content

A presentation folder that includes video content coupled with other related explainer or marketing materials is a powerful way to backup what is being said in your video. Companies like showcasecreative.com allow you to create professional presentation folders that will impress those who see them. Presentation folders act as the perfect method to present all sorts of supporting documents and literature while viewing an educational or explainer video. Presentation folders are like opening one presentation with everything a decision makers needs to know in one place. In addition to marketing and communication, they are also great for learning and education.

2. Social Media Video Sharing

With millions of people logging on to their favourite social media websites every day, it would be a big mistake to avoid this online marketing channel when you want to get the most leverage from your corporate video. A video can be easily added to Facebook, and other social media websites as Instagram and, of course YouTube, and it gives your viewers the opportunity to interact with you and share your video and with others at the same time.

Social media websites make it easier to assess the effectiveness of your video too. Many social media channels now include an analytics feature that provides all kinds of data about your video engagement including the number of views it gets, how long each viewer watches a video, and much more. With this data, you continually can improve the quality of your videos to ensure that they are tailored to meet the needs of your target market.

For more social media video marketing tips and tricks see these articles from the Web Video Marketing Council.

3. PowerPoint Presentations and Video

If you are meeting potential and existing clients in person, PowerPoint presentations give you a unique opportunity to present your content in an interactive way. You can easily embed your video content into this type of application and play your video while you are carrying out your presentation. After watching a video on a PowerPoint presentation your audience can ask questions and you can address different aspects of your video too.

The great thing about PowerPoint is the fact that you can record your presentations. This means you can create a video package that includes the contents of your presentation and the corporate video you want your clients to see. Once packaged in this way, you can easily share this content through email, social media or by publishing it on your website.

If you want to take it up a notch and turn PowerPoint presentations into engaging videos with chapters and professional voiceover, take a look as these Flimp PowerPoint video presentations examples.

While PowerPoint allows you to insert videos into your presentations, it’s important that the quality of your videos is excellent. For a few extra dollars you can work with video experts to ensure that your video content is of the highest quality to share through any marketing or social media channel, and on your website too.

4. Showcase Your Corporate Video on Your Website

Publishing your corporate video on your website is another obvious promotion method and MUST. Because it’s your website, you have total control and you can add additional content in different formats such as text or audio that supports the message in your corporate video. If you’d like to see how Flimp Media showcases videos on its website, click here and then simply click on any button that has the text “video” in it. Some videos pop up and others play in place. Use your website video builder tools to mix and match for a more fun and engaging viewer experience. Also, here is a great summary by Intechnic of the Ten Benefits of Adding Video to Your Website; it’s a great read and has invaluable advice and outlines methods to execute.

Corporate videos are extremely effective to communicating with potential clients and existing clients. However, you can go one step further by promoting your corporate video in the ways suggested above. Hope these tips help!

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