Ways to Use Video Marketing for Sales

Only recently would you hear anyone say that there are numerous ways to use marketing videos for sales. Of course there were always television commercials, which were another type of video marketing method, but, in today’s hi-tech world, online marketing videos are altogether different. Today’s videos are digitally recorded and played and viewed through various online marketing and social media channels including YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world. This shows how important videos are for marketing, sales, and lead generation and their use provides insights into how companies – large and small – seek new ways to use videos in marketing strategies.

In addition to using online videos to increase sales, more and more brick-and-mortar merchants use digital video technology to improve the customer experience as soon as the customer enters their storefront. Video marketing is now a highly specialised field and as technology advances, videos are proving to be among the most effective forms of advertising and marketing. Here are some of the ways using videos has proven to be effective.

Video Product Demonstrations at POS Kiosks

Since there always seems to be a lack of qualified sales staff at brick-and-mortar retail establishments, POS kiosks are more popular. These kiosks are used to demonstrate new products, answer questions about how products work, and to assist customers in purchase decisions right in the moment via a credit or debit card many times bypassing human personnel and sales people altogether. These kiosk enclosures are a specialty of imageholders.com and they work with brilliantly with iPads and tablets for both iOS and android operating systems. Custom made to the specifications of the retailer, interactive video kiosks can do everything for the customer, but drive the merchandise home for them!

Using Video Marketing to Engage Millennials

Within the past two years Big Data discovered that this generation of consumers needs to be marketed to in a totally different way than previous generations. Whereas boomers were content to watch adverts and feed off emotional stimuli, millennials want to engage with the brands they are buying from everyday and from any device (think mobile video marketing). Yes, an emotional response is still important, but only one that is the result of dealing with someone with whom they have a connection. Millennials like to see faces and hear the voices of those behind the products they buy. The surest way to accomplish this – short of a one-on-one sales pitch – is through video. Because millennials are the biggest generation of consumers with spending power, bigger even than boomers, it is vital to market to them in ways that are effective from their perspective and video engagement is proving, by most industry marketing statistics, to be the most effective method to reach millennials, as video can be sourced from any device, at anytime, from wherever they are, and it’s (usually) fun.

So from product demonstration to sales strategies, video marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to make sales in today’s culture. Any business that wants to compete in a hi-tech world needs to learn to employ video that is suitable for their market. As technology advances there will be even greater potential for video in marketing and sales, which is why many companies have joined the wonderful world of video production.

Have you used video for sales prospecting? If not, now is the time to start!

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