Using Video Brochures and Video Landing Pages to Boost Engagement

According to the 2014 Online Video Production Survey and Trends Report, popular marketing applications for online production videos include (spell this out – see below). One of more interesting applications cited in the 2014 Trends Report is the use of video with multimedia content in video brochures, video postcards and video landing pages. Twenty seven percent (27%) of survey respondents indicated their companies are using online video for these marketing applications (See the chart below). This indicates a marketing trend toward integrating videos with interactive multimedia content that engages viewers with video content, then drives them to specific response actions and conversions that can be easily tracked and measured by individual email address. This results in marketers having access to deeper, more meaningful video analytics and tracking and reporting statistics. The idea is to engage target audiences with video, then get them to interact with calls to action for all sorts of activities like lead generation, fundraising, event marketing, employee communications and brand engagement marketing.

According to statistics compiled by Flimp Media from more than 2,000 video email marketing client campaigns using video postcards and video brochures, the average viewer engagement time is 1.3 minutes with average viewer response rates consistently over 20 percent.

Combining video and multimedia content into engaging, dynamic  interactive experiences with deep tracking and reporting can be easily accomplished using our Amazon cloud based online video + multimedia marketing platform called Flimp 5  used for video marketing and video communications . Video brochures and video landing pages can contain buttons or links for calls to action such as forwarding to a friend or colleague, posting to a social media site or registering for an event. You can see some video brochure examples at and video postcard examples at Here are a few examples:

Author: Kendall Farabaugh

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