Why You Should Track All Video Metrics And More On Your Website

Every interaction that takes place on a website can be recorded and viewed. This is valuable information, including video viewing metrics. But, many website owners fail to see the importance of the data produced from using analytics. Below are five reasons website owners, who don’t take website analytics seriously, should reconsider.

1. You Begin to Understand Your Audience

If you don’t have access to your website analytics data, you will never be able to understand what events are taking place on your website. And it’s easy to see many important analytic metrics on your website by activating analytics that is available through quality web-hosting providers. If you are not viewing your website analytics weekly, you are at a severe disadvantage to your competitors because you don’t know what people like about your website, what they dislike, how they got to your website, how busy your website is, how long explainer videos and product overview videos are watched (and what parts of these videos viewers find most interesting), and more. Not having website and video analytics reduces the likelihood that website owners will improve their websites or take advantage of the benefits that a fully optimized website can offer.

2. Helps You Optimize Your Website and Content

When you know what parts of a website and what videos on your website are popular, you can start to improve the overall quality of a website and the video content to explain your products and services. This is particularly important if you add content to your website in the form of blog posts, discussions, marketing videos and new content. The web pages that attract the most traffic are usually the most popular, but you can only find out this information through an analytics system that you install or is available through a quick installation through your web-hosting provider.

3. Website Analytics Gives You Insights into Keywords Used by Website Visitors

The keywords used by shoppers and website visitors also are important to understand and are available in most of the leading website analytics platforms. Key words analytics gives a website owner unique insights into what viewers are thinking when they find your website and the types of words and key-word phrases they use in search engines to find you. In some instances, website visitors may be using words and phrases you may not have considered optimizing in your website and they can be added easily to content posts and paid-advertising campaigns in the future to increase your ranking on search engines, such as Google.

4. You Get Insights into Visitors from Social Media Websites

Quantifying the success of social media campaigns and gained traffic from social media and social video marketing also can be a difficult task. However, website analytics systems give details about other websites, marketing channels, and social media platforms that send traffic to your website. The accumulated analytics from all of these marketing channels gives you the opportunity to determine how successful marketing channels in general are and specifically how social media platforms are in driving traffic to your website and how well your social media campaigns are performing. When you identify the most effective social media platforms and campaigns, you then can focus on what you did to achieve these positive results and replicate them again in the future for even more traffic to your website.

5. You Make Better Decisions

Every business decision you make, should be based on facts, rather than guesswork. Website analytics systems provide these important fact-based metrics, so that all of your future online decisions are more likely to produce better results. For example, you may not know what calls-to-action work until you test different options and see the associated analytics reports for these actions that inform you about which call-to-action initiatives produced the best conversions on and to your website.

When you understand what is happening each day on your website, you improve your online strategies and your website becomes more effective and efficient to increase sales, sales’ leads, and loyal customers. This is why every website owner should consider the points above and not dismiss website analytics.

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