Social Video Campaigns Before a TV Ad Flight Leads to 300% Greater Reach

How powerful is social video? According to research from Visible Measures, marketers who socialize some form of video content weeks before a television ad campaign can generate up to 300 percent more reach than advertisers who rely on just television spots.  Marketing campaigns aren’t dead, but the DNA to the marketing blueprint has been radically altered. noted

“Major product launch campaigns from CPG, automotive, consumer electronics, software, telecommunications and food marketers now resemble the high-profile campaigns from Hollywood studios that release online teaser trailers for films six to nine months in advance of the premiere”

The marketing of the motion picture The Hunger Games is sure to become a textbook example of how digital content can lay the foundation to pique interest before a mass media broadcast blitz.  With only a $45 million marketing budget, the Lionsgate film has earned over $400 million in worldwide box office to date.  The average marketing budget for standard Hollywood movies is around $75 million.

If you’re investing in creating broadcast TV spots, create social video content.  Social video is a powerful way to engage viewers.  While social media sites can be used to distribute the social video content, don’t discount incorporating video into email marketing messages.  Tease a broadcast television spot by “premiering” through social media and email channels.

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