Reaching Out to Clients and Customers Using Video Email

‘Tis the season for holiday-themed communications.  Digital marketing has made it easy for organizations to add some “flair” to websites and social media accounts.

In fact, seasonal events can make it easier for companies to stay in touch with clients and customers.  Marketing communications should not just mean “selling” products and services.  In the foray of day-to-day business dealings, organizations often forget that clients and customers are just like you:  they are people.  They like to have fun, they have families and friends and they enjoy non-business related activities.  In essence, it’s important that clients and customers know that you are human and you appreciate them.

Especially during the holiday season, touching clients and customers is a great way to say “thank you” and make them smile.  It is also a nice way to remind them that your organization is there to help them with anything they need during the busy end-of-the-year season.

An effective, cost-effective and engaging approach to facilitate this is through video email.  Video holiday messages work!  Everyone loves to watch video, especially when the video content is clever and entertaining.  Plus, every professional welcomes the opportunity to interact with customers and prospects in a way that presents their company, brand and staff in a polished, interactive, fun, and helpful manner.  What better time to do this than during the holiday season?

Following our own advice, the Flimp Media team produced a short video, featured on a video postcard that was then distributed via video email, to remind people of the joy of the holiday season.  Over 50 percent of recipients opened the video email.  Eighty-five percent of those who opened the video email message watched the :30-second video to completion.  What is even more striking:  35 percent of those who viewed the video also clicked on an associated call to action featured on the video postcard.

Check out Flimp Media’s Holiday 2013 message:


Bottom line take-aways:

  • Video is an easy and proven way to interact with audiences.
  • People are visual creatures and, now and again, want to be reminded that life is wonderful!
  • Engaging customers and prospects as a human being, and not a robot, is essential to grow your business and brand.
  • Clients and customers want to know that your organization cares about them and can have fun once and a while.
  • Fun and entertaining video production content can be cost-effective and return a great ROI related to how you are using it.
  • Video email is a proven method to delivering your message.


“Weather” you would rather be snowed in or sunburn, the Flimp Media team wishes you and your family a Holiday season filled with happiness and laughter.  Happy Holidays!

– – – – –

Chip Arndt is an evp at Flimp Media, who strives to improve your ROI. His film and video expertise started in Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia working with Hollywood artisans and expanded to online marketing and communications through companies he started. He resides outside of Boston, MA on a wooded lake, spends free time with family, and often visits the Maine coast for lobster, ‘chowda’, and dark ale.



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