Producing Video Content on Finance: 4 Ways to Make It Engaging

Maybe you are studying for a finance degree and you need to come up with a video presentation on a complex finance topic or financial product or … you are looking to create video content related to the financial industry that explains your products and services. In any scenario, you can be sure that if you don’t produce a video that is engaging and educational at the same time then it is going to be a waste of time and money.

Lots of work can go into creating a quality, explainer video, and regardless of what financial subject the video is explaining any video production requires you carefully to script and storyboard the video before creating and sharing it with others. Here are four recommendations to remember when producing videos for the finance industry (or any video for that matter). It is important to follow these steps to ensure your video is engaging and provides the necessary information to educate your audience quickly.

1. Come Up with an Idea that is Unique

It doesn’t matter exactly what your company does in finance or if you just want a video that explains topics within finance such as progressive tax rates, 401(k) investments, or derivative swaps, as examples. However, to explain finance topics it is best to come up with a unique ways to present your ideas so that your audience is not bored and sees value in the video so they share it with others. This isn’t easy and often requires a professional video production company to assist in following proven processes, but as long as you are creative and come up with something different, there is no reason why your finance video won’t be engaging.

2. Keep Your Video Content Short and Sweet

Talking about money and finance topics can be stressful, and boring, so create a video that is short and straight to the point to keep viewers engaged and provides the information they need to learn about your topic. Consumers won’t spend five minutes watching a video that is filled with pointless information, so only give them as much needed information to help them make a decision, or contact your for more information, and nothing more.

You do not need to explain everything in your video. Rather, be straight to the point from the second the video starts, tell consumers about the product or services you are offering, educate them about whys and hows, and then provide the opportunity at the end of the video to contact your for more information. Often the goal of a good finance video is to explain a complicated topic and then leave the door open for the viewer to contact you.

Here is a Flimp-produced video example that shows what I am talking about that is on our website. It is a professional explainer video for Thomson Reuters about using innovative financial tools, real-time solutions, and legal and compliance financial information for customers that is succinct, yet informative:

Thomson Reuters: Financial Knowledge to Act On

3. Animate Your Videos

Consumers love exciting video animations. If you come up with a creative idea that includes animation then you have a video on finance that is engaging for your users to enjoy. Finance can be a difficult subject to make fun and visually engaging, and depending on the product you are offering, your success will depend on how you market it. However, anything can be done in conjunction with an animated video, and it’s always worth investing in. Here are a few examples of animation-style videos that will pique your creative juices: Flimp Media animated video examples. – you have choices so you should never feel limited.

4. Simple Explanations go a Long Way

When it comes to finance videos it is essential to explain your product and/or services in simple terms, otherwise people may not get what you are trying to sell or offer. Keep it simple and your consumers will enjoy the video more, and share it more too!

The above points are just a few things to consider when making videos on finance topics engaging and fun! You also may even want to consider other options such as taking advantage of expert explainer video creation with a professional video production company as Flimp Media and, maybe, even include some whiteboard video introductions to explain harder to understand finance topics. Here is a whiteboard example:

FM Agency Group: Lower Financial Insurance Premiums & Save Money

Whatever you decide when it comes to creating a finance video that is engaging, educational, and helps others see that your and your team are experts, please consider the above four points above as a starting point and you won’t g wrong.

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