New Feature: Video News

If you’re an astute Flimp blog reader — and I know you are — you might have noticed that there used to be a Web Voter link at the top of this very page. And if you’re even astuter (yes, I’m aware that’s not really a word), you’ll notice that the Web Voter link has changed to a Video News link.
“What gives?” you ask.
We at Flimp have realized that it’s one thing for us to talk about all the great things going on in the world of marketing with rich media, but another thing entirely to try to cover it all on this humble (yet totally awesome) blog.
So we’ve crowdsourcing. That’s right: you can help your favorite bloggers (by which I mean us) decide which news is fit to print by voting for your favorite articles in the video news feed. This way we’ll know what you, our dearest reader, are most concerned with so that we are better prepared to assist you with all of your online video marketing needs.
What are you waiting for? Go check it out already! 

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