Make Your Marketing Collateral Intelligent Digital Collateral

Earlier this year, Flimp Media authored the “Rich Media for Direct Marketing: The Emergence of Intelligent Digital Collateral.” Intelligent Digital Collateral – also know as IDC – is

a form of digital marketing or sales collateral that uses rich multimedia content to engage viewers, incorporates interactive calls to action within the collateral, and tracks/reports viewer engagement and responses in detail and by an individual viewer identifier.

Flimp Video Landing Pages (VLP) are often described as IDC. Why? Because flimps offer interactivity, can be distributed via the Web and provide for individualized measurability.  If you think these elements aren’t important for your marketing collateral, think again.  Inc. Technology’s Weblog businessBYTES just published a post on the importance of digital marketing collateral, or IDC.
The Inc. team gave four solid reasons why marketing collateral should not be overlooked. Reason #2 really resonated with me:

“They [sales prospects] want video. Why read it when you can watch it. For example, a recent Eccolo Media survey of executives who influence technology buying decisions found a dramatic jump in preference for video just within the past twelve months. The same survey conducted in 2008 showed 28% of the respondents had used an online video to gather purchasing information. The 2009 survey showed that figure at 49%.”

The Flimp Marketing team absolutely agrees with Inc.’s recommendation to incorporate video into marketing collateral. We walk the talk, so to speak.  First, most of the digital sales collateral posted to our website has a link to a flimp VPL. You can check out our Knowledge Centerfor product collateral and case studies.  Using case studies as an example, we include a link to each client flimp referenced in a particular case study. This helps educate our prospects on what Flimp is all about.
Second, flimps often serve as marketing collateral on their own. Many of our clients incorporate links to PDFs and other relevant information. So when a prospect is viewing their flimp, they can access anything ranging from case studies to product sheets. Plus, the flimp video landing page is very portable. Sales team members can send it out either through one-to-one emails, mass email campaigns or even via social networking sites.
Make the creation of IDC content one of your 2010 marketing resolutions. You can get inspired by this effort designed by Realization Techologies, Inc.

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