Forrester’s Checklist for B2B Video Landing Pages

Forrester Senior Analyst Bobby Tulsiani just wrapped up an enlightening presentation with Brightcove’s Jeff Whatcott entitled “I Want my B2B Video! Strategies for Building Stronger B2B Brands and Driving Demand with Online Video.” (Quite a mouthful, I know.) And while a lot of the stuff Bobby so expertly spoke about was a matter of gospel for we converted souls who already use video for marketing, one thing stood out for me as remarkable.
And here it is, in graphic glory:

Now, Bobby recommends using this checklist for producing video for any kind of B2B communication, but we think it particularly appropriate for Flash video landing pages. Why? Because unlike video you post on YouTube, landing page video is the force driving customers to buy your product or services. So it’s extra important that you get it right.
Take a look at the list and you’ll see that Flimp has all three of Forrester’s checklist sections covered. Visitors to a Flimp find an embedded Flash player streaming video in a format that something like 98% of computers in the world can decode. Flimps don’t require registration or login info to play. And, of course, you can surround the Flash videos in your Flimp landing page with all the relevant graphic and textual content you want.
Flash videos in Flimp landing pages usually start life as a thumbnail image in an email, but these thumbnails can also be inserted into websites, blog posts, or wikis. They can also come with a translucent play arrow so you know they’re videos. And you know, we’d include a buffering message if it was ever really necessary, but because Flimp videos are hosted in the Amazon cloud, they usually download too fast to warrant any buffering at all.
Flimps are inherently shareable. You can even create unique URLs to a flimp that your SM contacts can share among themselves and with others. (Cool thing about that: when you generate a unique URL for sharing on a social site, you can track a particular social media campaign’s performance in relation to all of your outbound messaging.) And, of course, Flimps give you all the usual playback controls that you’ve come to expect from a Web-based video player. In fact, we’re kind of shocked that not offering playback controls is even an option anymore. 
So according to Forrester, Flimp’s Flash video landing pages already do everything you need a video landing page to do. We’ve just saved you all the trouble of doing it yourself.
You’re welcome!
–Matt Shaw
Interactive Marketing Manager
Flimp Media Inc.
@MattAtFlimp on Twitter (Follow Me!!)

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