Are Landing Pages Sexy?

We’re living in a world of on-demand, interactive media. You can get exciting visual representations of anything in the world in the blink of an eye. Websites are sleek and stylish. Data transfer has never been easier. The concept of mobile marketing didn’t even exist three or four years ago. There are millions of new ways to reach your buyers, each one more engaging and visually appealing than the last. At a glance, it would seem as though the tried and true landing page model is rather blah by comparison.
This couldn’t be further from the truth.
I was talking to a fellow B2B marketer the other day who made an interesting comment about the Flimp platform. He was talking about developing buyer personas – the images marketers keep in their heads when trying to reach out to potential clients – and told me he had created one called Marketing Mary. “Mary is a sophisticated marketer,” he said. “Mary likes sexy. And with Flimp, Mary gets her sexy.”
What my marketing cohort means is that for some people it is important for a marketing message to be as good looking as it is effective. In fact you could almost make the case that for some, the projected success of a marketing campaign hinges, to some degree, on its visual appeal. And while there is something to be said for dead-simple landing pages, I believe that in this crazy world of on-demand media it is absolutely necessary to be both entertaining and engaging.
Are landing pages, as a medium, inherently sexy? No, of course not. As with all media, you have to put in work to make your message stand out; you have to make your landing pages sexy. You need to combine media that are inherently sexy — video comes to mind — to create an end product that reflects the sexiness of its individual elements. And to do this, you either need a wealth of programming and Web design knowledge, or you need a comprehensive landing page creator that makes the processes of creation, distribution and analysis easy enough to do yourself. And if you decide to use such a tool, you must make sure that you have the ability to design something that is not only engaging and useful, but also good looking. Sexy, as it were.
Hm… Now where could one find such a tool? Oh, right! Flimp does all of that. To find out more about how you can make your landing pages as sexy as Fabio (or at least as sexy as he used to be; have you seen him recently? Yech), sign up for one of our daily Flimp presentations.

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