72 percent of Employee Communicators Plan to Increase Video Use

The “Engaging Employees with Video” 2013 free report, coauthored by Ragan Communications and Ignite Technologies, found that 72 percent of communicators plan to increase the use of video to communicate with employees.  Ninety percent of employee communications professionals said that video played an “important” or “somewhat important” role in their organization.  Additionally, the study noted that audiovisual content is one of the most meaningful ways to communicate with remote employees.

Forty-two percent of videos created for internal communications are produced on an “as needed” basis. This is especially common in smaller organizations.  However, 50 percent of organizations are creating and distributing video content on a quarterly basis and 49 percent of large organizations produce video content on a monthly basis.

Seventy-three percent of communicators have in-house video production teams.  Many organizations will create “do it yourself” (DIY) videos for short-form content, and rely on outside professional video producers for longer-form videos.  The study also found that fewer than 6 percent of organizations enable employees outside of marketing-communications teams the tools to create content for internal communications.

The average production budget for employee videos ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.  Roughly 80 percent of organizations earmark $50,000 or less towards their annual video production budget.  Organizations using video on a frequent basis have annual video budgets of $100,000 or greater.

Internal video content ranges from webcasts to live-streamed events.  Webcasts can include a mixture of video content and slides or just slideshows with an audio track.  Examples of employee video communications include: CEO messages; employee introductions; training; featured departments; product announcements; and marketing messages.

Fifty-one percent of communicators measure the effectiveness of their video communications using video tracking software and 76 percent noted that audiovisual content improved employee communications.  Fifty percent of large organizations said that video was “very important to their employee communications”  and nine of ten respondents said that video engages employees.  Some key video metrics used by employee communicators included video views, time spent watching video, the number of times the video was shared across the organization, and employee comments.  Thirty-one percent of communicators said they do not measure the effectiveness of employee video campaigns due to not liking the analytics tools available or not having access to video analytics.

Technical issues plague internal communicators.  Three in ten encounter slow video download times and 51 percent have dealt with video buffering issues due to not setting up their video communications systems with a reliable vendor or internal programming issues.

Communicators listed the following three factors as keys to successful employee video communication campaigns:

  1. Gaining positive employee feedback
  2. Having a good video experience without technical difficulties
  3. Making sure all employees can view the video

Most video content created for employee communications is viewed on personal computers.  Mobile video optimization is more prevalent in larger organizations with more than 5,000 employees. However, tablet and smartphone viewing is very limited at only 42 percent and 35 percent respectively.

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White Paper: “Engaging Employees with Video” by Ignite Technoligies and Ragan is available by clicking HERE or this URL:


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