7 Ways Interactive Video Postcards Can Help Your Business

Today’s world offers a competitive market for businesses trying to reach their target audiences. Some people are on so much advertising overload that they no longer take the time to look at the ads plastered all over websites, emails and other digital outlets. Interactive video postcards are a fresh way of reaching the people you want to connect with and can get your business noticed.

Here are seven ways video postcards and video communications can help organizations engage with customers and prospective customers.

1.  Reach millions of people via social networking sites.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and other social media sites are essential to utilize when trying to gain mass attention toward a brand or a product. These sites can spread a brand’s name like wildfire and expose it to millions of people within a very short amount of time. A business that does not engage with social networking is quickly left in the dust.

How do you compete with thousands of competitors that are already using social networking sites to take business away from you? You need to come up with something new and interesting, and interactive postcards can do this. They are unique, interesting, and command attention; they are all of the things you need to stand out among the rest.  Video, in particular, ignites social media users.  According to Pew Internet‘s research, 41 percent of adults share and repost video content on social media sites.

2.  Create visual interest with unique designs.

You can design the cards to immediately grab attention. Digital designers can create postcards that completely represent your company and promotes the message you want to send. It is really that simple and effortless on your part.

3.  Engage people with interactive features.

People don’t just want a visual feast. They need to be able to interact with what they are seeing. Interactive postcards can lead the target audience right to where you want them: a website, online video or other means of connecting them to your brand. This can bring in a potential customer before they forget or decide to look at something else.

4.  Understand how the postcards are working for your business in detail.

Postcards created on platforms such as Flimp5 can  track the actions related to the postcards to see exactly how the digital video communications generate a ROI.  Detailed metrics should tell you how many people interacted with the postcard, how often it was shared, and even more information to let you know how it is working for you.

5.  You do not have to have a fully developed business to start.

If you use a third party to create the postcards for you, you do not have to have a marketing-communications department or an IT department to let the postcards work for you. You don’t even have to have more than one employee or be proficient in computers and program design.  All you need to do is provide some basic information and let the professionals do the rest.

6.  Enable sharing so the word can spread about your business.

Postcards, when deemed interesting enough, can blaze like fire through a community through sharing. People will share them via email and social networking sites. In fact, your interested target audience will do a lot of the work of spreading brand awareness for you if the material is right.

7.  Build brand name through recognition and word-of-mouth.

Even if you don’t have a postcard that will go viral, your target audience will still have seen your brand and begin to talk about it. Brand recognition comes when people have seen it enough to know what it stands for. Virtual and video postcards can do this easily for you when people are constantly exposed to their messages.

It’s a fact that many new and even established companies go under because they cannot find ground among all of the other competition online and elsewhere. Businesses have to constantly come up with new ways to promote their brands and products to people in a certain demographic. Interactive postcards are the new way to connect with the audience that your business depends on for survival.

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