51.9% of Marketers Said Video Has the Best ROI

CopyPress 2013 State of Content Marketing StudyThe 2013 State of Content Marketing Study, published this week by CopyPress, ranked video second for providing the best return on investment (ROI) for content marketing.  This isn’t such a surprise, since audiovisual content seems to be the perfect way to market in a digital environment.  Video excites viewers.  Plus, from a content marketing standpoint, video can be used and reused in a number of different capacities ranging from social media marketing through email messaging  to website content.

Though marketers raved about the value of working with video, they also cited this content form as the most difficult to create.  Compared to other content formats, video may require more upfront planning.  There is script development, location scouting, talent selection, shooting the video, and editing the video.  For digital video campaigns, technological factors such as media players and video formats can seem overwhelming.

As ReelSEO noted, some marketers may also equate “expense” when deeming video as a complex content format:

the myth of the high-quality video is what is keeping businesses from using video more than anything else.

Professionally produced video budgets can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

First and foremost, video created for web marketing need not be expensive, nor does it have to be an overwhelming and time consuming experience.  Simple audiovisual presentations combining images, music and voice over narration can be created quickly and for as little as $250.00.  Scripted videos with a direct call to action can be created for as little as $1,000.00 and completed in a two to three week timeframe. On-location and motion graphic videos may require higher budgets and longer production times, but may not be any more difficult to create than a standard white paper, brochure or website.

Working with video in a technological capacity can seem daunting and could be the other factor contributing to video being “difficult” to create.  From a technology standpoint, video can be more complex to work with than other digital content  formats.  Ideally video players, what the video physically plays in, need to be viewer agnostic.  This means the video player should be usable whether someone is watching on a computer or a mobile appliance.  However, video platforms (including Flimp) make working with video as easy as creating an email message or a blog post.

Video’s adaptability and impact make it worth it to dedicate budget and time to this content format.







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Jenn O’Meara is the Director of Client Services at Flimp Media.  With a diverse digital marketing communications background, Jenn enjoys working directly with Flimp Media’s clients.  A graduate of Providence College and Boston University, Jenn can be found rink side most winter weekends cheering on the PC Friars Hockey teams.  In the summer, look for Jenn at the beach.


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