37% of B2B Sales Lead Gen Content Not Engaging

For technology companies, sales lead generation is the top marketing priority.  IDC’s 2012 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study found that out of 100 different “importance points,”  improving lead generation programs was the most important initiative.

Even if an organization is using the most sophisticated CRM to power a sales lead gen program, if the content doesn’t resonate with the target audience the leads will not convert to sales.  A recent survey published by Corporate Visions found that 37% of B2B sales professionals feel that sales efforts are being hampered by uninspiring content.  The result is problematic – marketing budget is spent on content that does not result in a sales conversion.

In the B2B sales lead gen mix, online video has become an essential part of the marketing mix.  Audiovisual content is a great way to demonstrate products and services.  By the end of 2012, 70.8% of all Web users will watch some form of online video.  Additionally, video content is inherently easy to share.  It can be used in video email, shared through social media and integrated into websites to help improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Most importantly, video helps improve lead gen ROI.  Twenty-three percent of Flimp B2B video postcard campaigns initiate an audience response action.  Additionally, Flimp accounts can be set up so that a notification is automatically sent every time an identifiable viewer watches a video postcard.  Sales professionals are able to automatically follow-up with prospects, using the report data to personalize the follow-up call.  Below is an example of a video postcard.

Video Lead Gen


Creating B2B video content is not daunting.  The most videos follow the KISS methodology: Keep It Simple Stupid.  Simple videos that are 30 to 2 minutes in duration work the best. Keep this in mind when you are creating your next video.


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