Corporate, Internal and Employee Videos and Communications Tools

Flimp Communications provides innovative, cost-effective video creative services and multimedia software tools to over 500 corporations for marketing, employee benefits, training, and internal communications. We develop video content and digital communications solutions for corporate marketing, large employer hr teams, HR consultants, employee benefits brokers, enrollers, insurance carriers, and health care providers. Our video creative services include the production of all types of corporate videos and audio-visual presentations for annual benefits enrollment, new-hire onboarding, employee education, online training, corporate development, wellness and internal corporate communications.

Our video and multimedia content communications software and analytics tools boost employee engagement rates and measure activity. We also offer employee benefits decision support tools, custom hr websites and graphic design services for integrated multi-channel employee communications. We partner with employee benefits consultants like Willis Towers, USI/Wells Fargo, AON, Alliant, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., and Lockton, to deliver exceptional employee benefits communications and video solutions to large employers for annual open enrollment and benefits plan communications.

Flimp Communications has offices in Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Vero Beach, FL and Manchester, UK. Our communications software tools enable users to easily create, distribute and track interactive video and multimedia content without programming or IT resources for online communications and direct marketing. For further information and inquiries, contact 1.888.612.3881.

“Over the years, we’ve listened closely to our corporate hr, health care and financial services clients that want to implement more sophisticated online video and multimedia communications for employee, customer and investor communications. We understand there’s a need for a simple content driven communications solution that makes it easy to create and distribute advanced interactive video and multimedia communications for target audiences with detailed tracking and reporting and that doesn’t require time-consuming programming or IT resources”
- Wayne Wall, CEO