Video Emails Generate Click-Through Rate 2x Than Email Industry Average

Silverpop, an email service provider (ESP), recently published the 2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study.  The study analyzed email content distributed between Q1 – Q4 2012.  The average email open rate in 2012 was 19.7 percent, while click-throughs averaged 3.6 percent.  Silverpop calculated both the open rate and the click-through rate by dividing the number of unique opens by the total number of delivered emails and then multiplied by 100 to display a percentage.

Flimp Media finds that engagement from video emails is typically 4 to 7 times higher than static email content.  Following Silverpop’s methodology, our team analyzed Flimp video emails distributed during the same Q1 – Q4 2012 period.  The Flimp video email open rate was 22.84 percent while the click-through rate was 6.8 percent.   Flimp video emails generated an open rate 1.15 times higher and a click-through rate 2 times higher than email averages detailed in the Silverpop report.  Thus, the data confirmed that video emails performed much better than static email without video content.

Beyond audience engagement, Silverpop also looked at the average email message size.  Message size is determined by the amount of HTML code and images incorporated into an email message.  As a best practice, email marketing messages should be at or under 50KB to load quickly for the recipient.  Silverpop found the average 2012 email was 18.3KB.  Flimp video emails average between 12KB to 14KB – significantly under both the industry average and industry recommended file size.  This is another category where Flimp video emails outperform static emails.

Silverpop is one of the 35+ ESPs the Flimp Platform supports and clients can select to distribute their video email messages seamlessly.





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Jenn O’Meara is the Director of Client Services at Flimp Media.  With a diverse digital marketing communications background, Jenn enjoys working directly with Flimp Media’s clients.  A graduate of Providence College and Boston University, Jenn can be found rink side most winter weekends cheering on the PC Friars Hockey teams.  In the summer, look for Jenn at the beach.




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