Online Video Marketing Will Be An Essential Part of the B2B Marketing Mix for 2014

Video marketing strategies offer multiple, cost-effective advantages for organizations – large and small – to communicate with clients and potential customers that justify the return on investment (ROI) related to the cost of producing video.  Internet video marketing will continue to be one of the top business marketing trends for the year ahead.  In 2014, business marketers will need to become more sophisticated in how they target and deliver relevant video communications to audiences through social media and in ways that are compatible with the proliferation of mobile devices.  Marketing with video will most likely increase in importance for companies in 2014 due to the following:

  • Business use of online video marketing showed a continuing upward trajectory in 2013, as 93 percent of surveyed marketers indicated that they are already using video marketing and communications, according to the Q4 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report.
  • Video is being consumed at an ever increasing pace, as shown by the explosion of YouTube viewing and online video advertising.
  • Video is the most effective way for companies to explain their new products and services to prospects.
  • If done properly, video marketing boosts website traffic conversions and helps SEO rankings


Source:  Q4 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report

Internet video marketing provides targeted messages in an efficient manner.  Videos are easy to digest in a few seconds, since audiovisual content resonates faster than heavy, text-based messaging.  Aninamted explainer videos add another dimension to the B2B marketing mix … and are fun to produce and watch.

Video communications will remain an essential component to B2B marketing.  Video content makes the lead-gen process more efficient and productive because of how customers and prospects are influenced.

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Jenn O’Meara is the Director of Client Services at Flimp Media.  With a diverse digital marketing communications background, Jenn enjoys working directly with Flimp Media’s clients.  A graduate of Providence College and Boston University, Jenn can be found rink side most winter weekends cheering on the PC Friars Hockey teams.  In the summer, look for Jenn at the beach.



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