10 Reasons to Use Video Postcards for Lead Generation and Communications

Yet again, video and video email tops the prediction lists for marketing must-dos in 2013.   Social media and digital communications have made content marketing an important tactic.  Once created, audiovisual content can be deployed in a number of ways.  In particular, video emails and video postcards are easy-to-create yet powerful ways to distribute marketing messages.

Here are ten reasons why video emails and video postcards should be part of your 2013 marketing initiatives:

  1. Generate higher response rates than static emails. Video email campaigns generate 4-7 times higher viewer response rates than static email marketing campaigns.

  3. Video postcards focus your marketing message and objective. Most websites serve too many agendas, and have too much information. Video postcards provide clear and engaging calls to action that lead to higher response and conversion rates.

  5. Video emails provide more comprehensive tracking than static HTML emails. Video emails created on the Flimp Platform track and report all viewer activities and actions by individual email address so you can follow up on the collected data.  This increases the ROI on sales lead-gen efforts.

  7. Video postcards are four to seven times more engaging than static text and graphic messages. This is why video marketing is now required on the web. Web audiences are want and expect audiovisual content over static messaging.

  9. Faster and better reporting and measurement of marketing results. Video postcards automatically track all viewer activity and actions in real time and display the data in easy to understand visual reports in an easy to navigate reporting dashboard. You don’t need experts to retrieve and interpret your marketing campaign data.

  11. Video postcards are portable, making it easy for viewers to share content virally  – they can be forwarded to others. Create entertaining, engaging content that can easily be passed along by the recipient to others.  Viewers are able to post to social media sites or forward via email.  With video postcards, most viral activity data is reported by individual email address.

  13. A fast and effective way to conduct market research and gather customer feedback. Video postcards can be used to quickly gather important feedback and response data for market research purposes with collection of actionable data by email address.

  15. A powerful new way to deliver and track employee communications. HR can quickly create and deploy video postcards without programming for employee updates, education and training. Corporate communications can use them for investor relations and important press releases.

  17. Edit your content and video message after it has been sent. The Flimp Platform enables you to optimize and edit message content on the fly – even after campaign launch. You can quickly and easily test your marketing message with real time reporting and feedback.

  19. Get a Better Return On Your Marketing Investment. Video postcards and video emails are easy to deploy, low cost, engaging, measurable and generate much higher response rates than other marketing methods.

If incorporating video into your communications plan is one of your 2013 marketing resolutions, consider experimenting with video emails and video postcards.

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